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VITALITY HOTEL -  Grassy roof garden


The Hotel Vitality in Vendryne is a recreation and wellness center with tennis courts, spa, swimming pools and many other facilities, which is often visited by athletes and tennis players. Atop the hotel sits an award winning roof garden.


The inspiration for the garden was the game of tennis. The different use of herbs and their planting arrangement is designed to resemble a tennis racket. The footpaths are made of stainless steel mesh, which reminds of the strings of the tennis racket. The stainless steel frames that support the footpaths give the visitor the impression of being elevated over the ground, hovering, gently swaying. The slight flexibility in the footpath gives a light bounce to suggests a sense of playing tennis.


Different types of grass dominate the garden, chosen for its lightness, constant movements and murmuring sound in the wind. 95% of vegetation is various types of grass. The remaining 5% is Alchemilla mollis, Hemerocallis x hybridus and bulb plants. In addition to its aesthetic quality, the grasses and planting improves the microclimate of nearby rooms. 


An irrigation and misting system has been installed throughout the entire garden.  This misting system plays an important role, producing steam that forms a white mist, and pleasantly cools down the garden in summer months, providing an overall special effect.

Hotel guests can use the garden for relaxation and exercise. The garden is divided up into two different areas. The first area is available for all hotel guests. The second area, with hot tub,  is only available for spa guests. The garden also provides an amazing view for guests from some of the rooms.


The roof garden makes a spectacular place for many types of events like weddings and parties. LED strips are placed underneath the footpaths and lights installed in the grassy area allow beautiful evening events to take place in the roof garden. The three terraces are joined together by footpaths and are lit up by square shaped lights, which bring together the terraces.


This beautiful roof garden won first place in green roof competition in Czech republic 2015.


Species of grass:


Panicum virgatum


Panicum virgatum Shenandoah


Calamagrostis x acutiflora Carl Forester


Deshampsia caespitose


Molinia litoralis Skyracer


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